I will stand back up!

I WILL STAND BACK UP Some of FB friends and family know the anguish I’ve encountered well over a year or maybe I should say the anguish begin on March 26th, 2015. All due to pride and arrogance from a management team. my co-workers of 8 years, to this day I’ve yet to comprehend why… Continue Reading


I want to remember what is was like to be happy but even a smile would be nice. In 11 weeks I’ve left my home 7 x’s and refilled my car with gas today. I met a former ¬†co-worker and my only TRUE friend @ DJ’s… restaurant . While in route, the closer I got… Continue Reading

Where will I be

My life will forever be changed…I was 42 y/o when I received my degree in nursing…this government system has taken from me a career of caring for our Veterans… I resent that! I have no job ,..I have no insurance to be treated for triggering my PTSD… anyone who has suffered with PTSD. understand the… Continue Reading

Harassment/Bullying in the Workplace

I have been subjected to such harassment that I tried to take my own life. It has changed me forever…I’M NOT ME…family and friends did not realize the severity of what I was going through. The pain…fear and paranoia was unspeakable. As I write this my stomach quivers¬†with anxiety. I’ve never blogged before and I’m… Continue Reading