Where will I be

My life will forever be changed…I was 42 y/o when I received my degree in nursing…this government system has taken from me a career of caring for our Veterans… I resent that! I have no job ,..I have no insurance to be treated for triggering my PTSD… anyone who has suffered with PTSD. understand the paranoia, fear, anxiety isolation  in addition to me allowing my co-workers to make me feel useless, worthless , the management team treating me like trash to be thrown out, one manager, whom arrived in Dec. 2013  she, in 18 months of decriminalizing, harassment and eventually retaliation…  because of her arrogance and pride has affected every aspect of my life… I do not wish for anyone to suffer as I have even this nurse manager! One day she will be held accountable , I’m sure I was not her first to destroy.

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