I will stand back up!

Some of FB friends and family know the anguish I’ve encountered well over a year or maybe I should say the anguish begin on March 26th, 2015. All due to pride and arrogance from a management team. my co-workers of 8 years, to this day I’ve yet to comprehend why the need to turn on me. They, instead of concern or worried of my whereabouts and why would I as a nurse be missing. Instead, you threw me to the wolves. My heart will always hurt in memory of you. 

These pictures reveal big brother was watching me… Read on





 you it all you had. I was laid out on the floor but I’ve been here before. I have stumbled and yes I fell a few times, but I’m only human, right. I’ve lost my way, BUT here me when I say,

I WILL STAND BACK UP. You will know just the moment when I’ve had enough. Sometimes I’m afraid and I don’t feel so tough, but I’ll stand back up. The bruises (shunning, deceit,) beat me down and put me down on my knees more times than you believed. The worthlessness I felt took me to a place of darkness but there was a light that would not let me stay there for too long. I’ve had many tears,sleepless nights and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could fight. I almost lost my life but I’m weathering these storms. They say what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger and when I take my last breath that’s when I’ll give up. I will continue to stand back up, no matter the fear and pain I face in my continued journey of life. This light I speak of is before me, guiding me and feeling me with His love and kindness, His name in Christ. There is no greater love.


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